Projects Available for Development and Production

The following are brief summaries and synopsises of the projects slated to be produced.

The Pink Runway (The Sharon Spencer Story) Feature Film
The true life story of a remarkable woman, Sharon Spencer, who survived depression and self doubt after two traumatic events in her young life. She has since become a poet/artist and unselfish motivator for people who have shared similar traumatic events. Sharon Spencer went on to establish The Pink Runway, a fashion show for amputees!

Barry Bradford and Sharon Spencer
Barry with Sharon Spencer.

A Letter to Olivia (The Wil Smith Story) Feature Film
The true life story of Wil Smith, a young man who arrives to college with no money, a basketball, and a four year old daughter.

Bulldogs Television Series
An urban Friday Night Lights meets A League of Their Own, a story of second chances in basketball and life.

S.O.S., "Save Our Seniors" Television Series
A dramatic series featuring a New York lawyer who specializes in cases involving the elderly.

A Mother's Love Documentary
A documentary, reality style with interviews from celebrities to common people about their relationships with their mothers, the truth will be told. The documentary will start with the story of the relationship between actor/producer Barry Bradford and his beloved mother, Hilda.

When the 4 O'Clock Bell Rings Film Short
Teachers discuss and confront real issues in our current school system and the problems some students may be dealing with at home.

Where Did My Twenties Go? Film Short
Did you ever look back and wonder where your "twenties" went? A former prodigy looks back and sees the pitfalls of wasted time.

The Stand In/The Second Team Feature Film
Sometimes the person behind you is just as good as or better than you are. A struggling actor finally gets his chance to come into his own in his career and life!

The Business Film Short
Six actors meet on Friday nights to read through plays, scripts, and other self written works. They are all frustrated with the "business" and "nepotism" associated with the world of acting and entertainment.

The Hand of God Feature Film
On April 4, 1968, at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. What you didn't read because it never made the papers was the death of Michael McManus, shot to death on the streets of the Lower East Side, allegedly by local street-ball legend Otis Thompson. Otis was only hours away from catching a flight to training camp, and now he is being led away in handcuffs by the police, his shooting hand mangled, his career finished. It never made any sense....til now. Otis takes us back to the famous Steel Curtain, a place that all the greats had to play on if they were to be taken seriously, and slowly, as he grows older, the facade of the ghetto around him begins to close, we begin to piece together his undoing, and the secret that Otis and Michael share that led to the fatal shooting on April 4, 1968. The day our heroes died.


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